Strong Pilates opens first Singapore studio

Strong Pilates opens Singapore
Yoga Movement is the Singapore partner opening the first Strong Pilates studio. (Source: Supplied)

Aussie fitness chain Strong Pilates has opened the doors to its inaugural site in Singapore as part of an 11-studio deal over three to four years with Yoga Movement.

Last year the business announced its move into the UK with three initial studios planned, and a massive 100-studio goal for 2027.

The concept combines Pilates-inspired movements with rowing, using a Rowformer machine, for a high-intensity, low impact, full body workout.

Expansion focuses on four countries

Strong Pilates has exclusive rights to the machine in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Canada and plans to launch the brand in Canada later this year.

Strong Pilates was co-founded in 2019 by ex-F45 multi-unit franchisees Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong.

Ramsey told Franchise Executives, “We have gone from franchisees to franchisor. We thought we could do this better, and we took those key learnings and implemented them.”

Their F45 experience taught them the importance of education and speed to market, and avoiding over-saturation.

Strong Pilates opens Singapore site

“Speed to market is important, which is why we are putting our foot to the pedal – they did it really well. We have nearly 40 sites globally and we have sold 130+ locations. Now we’re just rolling this out, sustainably. Getting it right is about picking the right partners.”

Ramsey reports there is interest in master franchise opportunities for later in the year which will help drive growth.

The brand is leveraging the growing interest in Pilates.

“We draw inspiration from everything and we bridge the gap between Pilates, strength and conditioning and HIIT. We’re feeling very lucky to be doing this in Australia. I think Australia is starting to lead the way in fitness,” said Ramsey.

The studios sit on a footprint of at least 200sqm, and franchisees sign up to substantial territories.

Ramsey said the goal is 100-150 “really good” studios in Australia.