Zambrero packs 470,000 meals at Plate 4 Plate Day 2023

Zambrero Plate 4 Plate 2023
Volunteers packing meals for Plate 4 Plate Day in Sydney. (Source: Supplied)

Zambrero has prepped and packed more than 470,000 meals for distribution overseas on its annual Plate 4 Plate Day.

On Friday 13 October, more than 2000 volunteers in Australia and Ireland helped pack meals for those in need.

The meals packed at the Zambrero Plate 4 Plate Day 2023 exceeded the 430,000 prepared last year.

Matthew Kenny, CEO, Zambrero Australia, said “Thank you to those that attended our annual meal packing event. Our Zam Fam came together and packed an impactful 470,000 meals. The dedication from the communities across Australia and Ireland, our largest growth market, really is a testament to the importance of events like these.

“Paired with double donations to Plate 4 Plate across Zambrero restaurants throughout the day, we truly have made a difference to those in need, with 72.3 million meals donated since the Plate 4 Plate initiative’s inception,” he said.

Zambrero Plate 4 Plate 2023 partnership

Zambrero’s distribution partner Rise Against Hunger will deliver the meals to communities and schools overseas.

Rick Kearney, CEO, Rise Against Hunger, said “We really must take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and what has been achieved to date, thanks to Aussies and the Irish’ generosity with their time – each and every volunteer has played a crucial role in helping end world hunger. Since the Plate 4 Plate initiative was created, our goal has been to bring people together to help those in need. With every meal donated, we are doing just that.”

The Plate 4 Plate initiative will play a core role in driving the business at scale, as the Mexican fast food chain continues to expand its restaurant network in Australia and internationally.

It has a global network of more than 265 quick-service restaurants. The Plate 4 Plate goal is to donate one billion meals to those in need.