Air Locker’s mega 2023 growth plan revealed

Air Locker 2023 growth
The fitness chain uses altitude training science in its programs. (Source: Supplied)

Fitness chain Air Locker Training has had a massive year according to founder Roman Brady.

The business sold 40 studios within 12 months, and expects to continue its growth with global expansion. Brady plans to extend the footprint in New Zealand, Canada and the US this year.

Air Locker 2023 growth

By the end of 2024 Brady plans to have doubled Air Locker’s footprint, and have 80 operating studios across five countries.

The US has the potential for 500 studios in 10 years, he predicts.

While there is a single site in Canada, there is a master franchise agreement in the US.

Overall Air Locker Training will grow through both multi-unit operators and new franchisee single sales.

High altitude training

The Air Locker model is based around rehab and recovery offering a training experience that conditions the body to perform at high altitudes.

“It is quite niche,” says Brady, a former mining CEO who has trained in altitude sport himself. “It leverages the science behind hypoxic therapy – reduced oxygen levels – for increased fat loss and muscle gain for the fitness industry.”

The business is built around that, with progressive strength and cardio classes.

“It’s not a gym where you do your own workout.”

This means an Air Locker Training franchise can also align with an allied health service to provide treatments during down times.

Scaling the business

“Air Locker started as an idea and a heartbeat. My idea was to prove the concept. I was very hands-on and focused on unit economics. Members became franchisees, and I started to scale it.”

Brady started investing in people and technology “to get in front of that bell curve” and expects to grow the head count by 30 per cent this year. 

He initially self-funded the business and has since raised $2million.