Domino’s 10 new sites kickstart plan to hit 1000 stores in 2024

Domino's 10 new sites
More stores open will reduce operating costs says Cameron Toomey. Image supplied.

Domino’s will open another 10 stores across Australia and New Zealand before the year ends, setting the pace for mega growth next year.

The pizza business aims to open a further 40 stores before the end of the 2023 financial year, and hit a goal of 1000 restaurants open in 2024.

Domino’s now has more than 900 stores in the ANZ region, 750 outlets across Australia, and opening its 150th site in New Zealand in December.

In FY2022 Domino’s opened 22 new stores across Australia and New Zealand; the growth rate this year has more than doubled.

Bespoke stores take Domino’s into new locations

Domino’s ANZ chief development officer Cameron Toomey said the brand has operated in Australia for nearly 40 years, making it one of the more mature locations for the global brand.

“For Domino’s ANZ development team, we have shifted our focus from delivering the standard Domino’s store in a typical, metro location, to also developing bespoke stores to get us into locations that we have not serviced, and which other large Quick Service Restaurant chains do not reach,” he said.

“Some examples of new store models we have recently introduced include Domino’s Mobile Pizza Kitchens – a fully-equipped Domino’s store on wheels – and new Simplified Menu Stores, which offer an extensive but simplified Domino’s menu to rural and regional communities across Australia and New Zealand.”

Cameron Toomey has 10 years’ experience with the brand, including as New Zealand GM for four years, before his August appointment.

“My previous experience in Domino’s operations helps us begin the store development stage with a clear view of the end result in mind. We know where we need to go and are using our knowledge and experience to help propel our store opening processes forward,” he said.

Domino’s new sites help reduce operating costs

“Store development underpins everything we do at Domino’s. It is a privilege that comes with great responsibility to now be involved in the early process that feeds into the future growth of our business.”

Toomey said growing the store footprint helps combat the current economic challenges hospitality chains face.

“The world around us continues to evolve and change, which unfortunately means more obstacles to open new stores: increasing cost of materials and labour, and supply shortages, are just a few of these added pressures.

“Ultimately having more stores closer to customers reduces the operating costs for our franchisees, which allows us to deliver great value for our customers wherever they are in Australia.

“Rather than continuing to do the same thing to get the same result, we have changed our thought process to innovatively consider how we can develop Domino’s stores across Australia and New Zealand to fit into this new world we are living in.”