Priceline plans 20-plus more stores as it celebrates 40th anniversary

Priceline launches health insurance
Priceline launches health insurance

Priceline plans 20-plus more stores this year as it celebrates 40 years of retailing with a six-week, multi-media campaign to spread brand awareness and promote product offers.

The planned expansion will take the retail chain to 500 outlets; today, there are more than 470 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores nationally employing over 7,000 people.

Priceline Pharmacy general manager Andrew Vidler said “Our plans for the future are exciting and ambitious – we’re on track to expand to 500 stores this year, our reputation for new and exclusive will be further improved, our digital capability in eommerce, ehealth and loyalty are delivering amazing changes, and we’ll be launching a new concept store this April, which puts our pharmacists front and centre and proves our commitment to real, classic care.”

The birthday campaign features Chrissie Swan in media that spans free-to-air television, social media, online video, as well as Priceline’s extensive network of owned assets – including its loyalty program the Sister Club.

1982 – Priceline is established as a beauty retailer, with the first store opening at Highpoint, VIC. 2001 – Priceline Sister Club loyalty program is launched. 

2002 – Priceline Pharmacy is introduced, with the first store in Pakenham, VIC. 

2004 – Priceline is acquired by Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited. 

2008 – The 300th Priceline store is opened. Priceline undergoes significant rebrand, adopting a trademark pink colour scheme to appeal to its 90 percent female customer base.

2009 – Sister Club loyalty program membership reaches 3 million, making it the fifth largest loyalty program in Australia. 

2011 – The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation is formed, to give back to the community and support women and their families. 

2022 – Priceline’s Sister Club has over 7.5 million members, now Australia’s largest health and beauty loyalty program. To date, the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation has raised more than $8.65 million for its charity partners.

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