Red Rooster launches wearable tech to satisfy cravings

Red Rooster wearable tech
The crave-ware tech can place a food order based on stomach sounds. (Source: Supplied)

Red Rooster (Reds) has launched an AI-powered technology solution, crave-ware, designed to listen and categorise hunger cues. The technology listens to tummy rumbles and then places a customised meal order based on the intensity of the rumbles.

Ashley Hughes, marketing director at Red Rooster said “By leveraging AI technology, we’ve created a solution that not only understands hunger cues but also takes the initiative to place orders on behalf of the consumer. It’s a seamless, innovative approach to satisfying ‘The Rooster Within’ and we can’t wait to listen to the conversation it creates for, and about, Reds.”

The AI software program is the brainchild of creative technology agency, whiteGREY. The software is built into a t-shirt that listens to your stomach through an in-built microphone. 

Chad Mackenzie, whiteGREY CCO said “Some seriously cool tech that means you can bypass the normal decision-making process and let your stomach do the ordering for you. I mean we’ve got AI threatening to write our copy and pull together all of our imagery for us, so why not ordering chicken for us?”

Red Rooster is backing the launch with an influencer campaign led by Issac Eats-a-Lot. PR and digital campaigns will also boost awareness and excitement.

The chicken chain is working on other ways to apply crave_ware. This includes in-restaurant applications (listening to tummy rumbles to skip the queue) and cross promotional opportunities and activations.