Subway reveals ‘Eat Fresh.Feel Good.’ brand message

Subway eat fresh feel good
The newest Subway campaign. (Source: Supplied)

Subway has a new brand platform for Australia and New Zealand: ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’ .

Rodica Titeica, director of marketing for Subway ANZ, described the brand message as its “north star” for 2024.

“Subway ANZ has been on an exciting transformation to deliver ‘Eat Fresh. Feel Good.’; a brand platform anchored by that unmistakable feel-good sensation you get when you fuel your body with better-for-you food,” Titeica said.

The brand platform represents the company’s commitment to deliver a feel-good experience, from food quality and restaurant experience, to a fresh approach to partnerships, she said.

A new campaign, Sub-Hoppers, conveys the new brand message. It was brought to life by a cast and crew of more than 120 people including six stunt performers.

A procession of nostalgic bouncing inflatables plays across the screen to the sound of Dreamer written by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies.

The new feel good focus from Subway.

This article has been updated to credit the music writers.