Bakers Delight links with Life Ed to help kids make healthy choices

Bakers Delight healthy harold
Life Ed’s Healthy Harold mascot helps children make healthy food choices. (Source: Supplied)

Bakers Delight has partnered with not-for-profit Life Ed to empower children to make healthier choices.

This partnership aims to educate children on where their food comes from, the importance of whole grains, and the key nutrients they provide, such as protein, carbohydrate and fibre. 

Elise Gillespie, Bakers Delight Joint CEO said “We really love supporting our community and are thrilled to be partnering with Life Ed, so we can help more kids make healthier choices,” said. 

“We have been feeding Aussie families for over 40 years and can’t wait to start educating kids on where their ingredients come from today, so we can help them have a happier and healthier tomorrow.” 

Bakers Delight and Life Ed’s mascot Healthy Harold combine in a healthy-eating message

Life Ed’s programs help teach Aussie children critical thinking skills through a variety of initiatives. The Growing Good Grains Grants Program will launch in 2024 with a mission to encourage young children’s understanding about healthy foods through growing their own gardens at early learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools. It will deliver resources like curriculum-aligned lesson plans and healthy recipe video tutorials to early educators and parents.

Russell D’Costa, CEO of Life Ed Australia, said “The strength in this collaboration is in our shared purpose to empower children and families to make heathier choices by working with communities to embed change and encourage healthy habits.

“After all, they say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and our more than 130 educators that work with over 4,000 schools and preschools a year can attest to how this whole-of-community approach makes a real difference.” 

Life Ed relies on donations to undertake its programs which last year empowered 700,000 Australian children with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy choices.