City Cave launches in Victoria

City Cave launches Victoria
The float and sauna business will open four locations in the southern state. Image supplied.

Wellness centre chain City Cave will open its first Victoria sites this November and December.

The Australian-owned company will add Ivanhoe, West Melbourne, Carnegie and Braybrook to its network.

Tim Butters, City Cave co-founder and CEO, said “We currently operate 60 locations primarily across Queensland and New South Wales, and as the business has grown, what we have identified is key learnings to come into the Victorian market with. 

“Melbourne has more float centres than any other city, they are a market that is already well educated on what the offering is – which from our end, is preferable. 

“This allows us the opportunity to tell a new narrative and share a new experience as to why City Cave float therapy is the best,” he said.

City Cave launches in Victoria with a focus on relaxation

The City Cave franchises will offer a range of Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Massage Services with the space designed to include a dedicated relaxation space for both pre and post-treatments.

While float therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, City Cave provides a different approach.

“All of our services are targeted towards lowering the customers’ sensory input, but beyond that, from the moment the customer steps through the door, we’re working to relax the mind prior to the treatment itself. 

“Our Recovery Space will often see guests sit there for an hour post-treatment just relaxing,” said Butters.

“Even down to the filter rooms and filtration systems – we actually built these behind the float pools themselves, meaning we’re able to work on these without the customers seeing, their experience isn’t impacted. 

“A big focus from our end is not relying on the therapies themselves, but more so, the overall experience the customer can expect at one of our locations.”

Already operating five City Cave franchises, Damian Copplechia, will open two of the four Victorian locations – Ivanhoe and West Melbourne. 

“We are really excited to be launching into Melbourne with Damian, he is an incredibly strong franchisee and really understands the business, it’s a great partnership,” said Butters.