BFT signs exclusive training deal with fitness race Hyrox

BFT exclusive training Hyrox
The European fitness race event will arrive in Australia this winter. (Source: Supplied)

BFT is has joined forces with European fitness race organisers Hyrox to become the exclusive training centre for the mega event when it arrives Downunder.

More than 50,000 participants have competed at Hyrox events in London, New York, Madrid, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

The partnership will help boost Hyrox’s profile across APAC, and drive BFT brand awareness as the brand expands across the UK, Spain, Germany and Asia.

Richard Burnet, co-global CEO of BFT, said “It’s rare to find a perfectly aligned partner, with similar aspirations and a track-record of growth, who is willing to work together to make a step-change in the way people exercise, but in Hyrox we believe we’ve found just that.

“Participants will now have an exclusive opportunity right across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to get to a BFT and have the best possible preparation for their race.”

Competitors compete at their own pace, testing their strength, skill and endurance in typical functional gym class exercises.

BFT members benefit from exclusive deal with Hyrox

Cameron Falloon, founder of BFT, which has just received a 5-star franchise rating, is excited about this innovative partnership.

“We can’t wait to see the positive growth from this partnership for both brands, with Hyrox participants training in BFT studios around the world, and our BFT communities participating in Hyrox events.”

Christian Toetzke, founder of Hyrox, said “We are thrilled to partner with BFT, known for providing one of the most advanced training methodologies who will act as Hyrox Training Centres across Australia, Europe and Asia. Together, we can inspire athletes worldwide to push their limits and give their training a purpose.”

The first APAC events are scheduled for Sydney and Melbourne in August 2023. BFT will be adding specific training programs to its weekly progressive programming at all 240 open studios. 

BFT members will also gain exclusive access and benefits at Hyrox Events.