Collective Wellness opens Sumhiit Fitness

Collective Wellness opens Sumhiit
The Collective Wellness Group officially opens its corporate-owned Sumhiit Fitness studio in Sydney. (Source: Supplied)

Collective Wellness Group has officially unveiled a new brand, Sumhiit Fitness, at a corporate-owned studio in Crows Nest, Sydney.

In the US the brand is known as Basecamp Fitness; it will trade as Sumhiit Fitness in all international markets.

Collective Wellness Group (CWG) first announced the brand addition mid-2023, and revealed it will be a corporate-owned business.

Sumhiit Fitness broadens CWG’s brand portfolio, which has slimmed down to its original Anytime Fitness brand.

The new brand is a 35-minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Participants rotate every 60 seconds between an air bike and strength training exercises. There is an optional 10-minute cool-down at the end of each workout.

Sumhiit Fitness has a different customer focus to Anytime Fitness

CWG co-founders and directors, Justin McDonell and Richard Peil, released a joint statement on the new concept.

“As soon as we tried our first Basecamp Fitness class in the US, we both immediately knew why Self Esteem Brands had acquired the brand. It’s addictive. The workout is very tough, and very fun. The uniqueness of the 35-minute class duration is highly appealing to busy consumers trying to squeeze a workout into demanding life schedules.

“We’re excited to work with the US team on a successful launch into the Australian boutique fitness market.”

Dave Mortensen, co-founder and president of Self Esteem Brands and director of CWG, said the two brands have distinct characteristics.

“We believe that Sumhiit Fitness and Anytime Fitness appeal to two very different types of consumers. Anytime Fitness gyms feature convenient, 24-hour access, a welcoming, supportive environment and a variety of coaching programs to personally help members achieve their individual fitness goals.

“Sumhiit Fitness features high-intensity workouts designed for those seeking fast-paced interval training that tests how far you are willing to push yourself – efficient and effective group sessions, for people of all fitness levels, intended to produce strong bodies, hearts and minds.”