Frontline Recruitment awarded 5-star franchise rating

Frontline awarded 5-star rating
The Australian Franchise Rating Scale has awarded Frontline its top level rating. (Source: Bigstock)

The Frontline Recruitment Group is the latest 5-star franchise. It’s the first brand to achieve this honour in 2023, listed through the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

To achieve this Frontline demonstrated a high level of transparency and a very high level of franchise performance. An independent and fact-based assessment across seven key categories allocates the ratings.

FRANdata manages the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

Frontline’s 5-star franchise rating is independent recognition

Arthur McColl, Frontline Recruitment Group CEO, said the 5 star rating “is independent recognition of our established, proven, high-performing franchise model”.

“In recent years we’ve invested significantly in enhancing and re-energising our brand, training and system to the benefit of our franchisees, further growing their passion and commitment to the brand.

“The rating is evidence that we are a leading franchise system across Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

The group has a highly engaged franchise network and dedicated support team who agency owners trust and value.

He said the brand is committed to a “franchisee first” policy and the ethos that success comes from surrounding yourself with the right people.

‚ÄĚReceiving this 5 star status from FRANdata is acknowledgement that we are truly delivering on that.”

The review revealed a commitment to franchisee satisfaction

FRANdata’s Australian CEO Darryn McAuliffe said the review evidenced a very successful franchise model across all seven categories measured.

“As expected, the strong trading performance across the network is delivering solid financial outcomes for individual franchisees. A strong commitment to franchisee satisfaction was also apparent and backed up by strong outcomes in their regular external measurement programs.

“Among other notable strengths was their highly disciplined approach to training and ongoing support.”

The franchise system is finalising comprehensive Bank Credit and Franchise Underwriting reports for lenders. McAuliffe predicts heightened interest in the group from the lending community.

Last year RAMS , Just Cuts, Bedshed, Silk Laser Clinics and Aussie Pooch Mobile all scored 5-star ratings.